Andra Dascălu is our specialist in Hair O’Dot Scalp Micropigmentation Company. She has a vast life experience, she has studied in Bucharest, Cluj-Napoca, Italy and South Korea. She then has worked in Bucharest, Washington DC and Dubai, at luxury hotels, where she learned about what quality of work means and the importance of customer service.

Thus, due to her special qualities and abilities, she was hired in the company that has innovated Scalp Micropigmentation at international level. She was hired immediately and trained at the company headquarters in Birmingham, UK. Here she worked for three years, where she offered hundreds of treatments, thousands of sessions to clients. For the quality of what she does, they cordially have been recommending her and praising her online, on specialty forums in England. Thanks to her talent and passion she was promoted as a trainer in the company and sent to New York and Dubai to train new employees and do her magic on foreign clients.

Throughout this time, she has created an unbeatable portfolio of satisfied customers who confirm the quality of her work. Thanks to the portfolio created, the knowledge in the field and the services offered, she was awarded the Level 4 Diploma in Scalp Micropigmentation offered by the UK Government, the highest level awarded in this field internationally.

Thanks to this distinction, Andra Dascălu is the only professional inRomania who holds such a diploma. Through her achievements, knowledge, talent and passion, her work has been acknowledged, so that she proved herself to be the best in Eastern Europe, only at Hair O’Dot, the first Scalp Micropigmentation Company in Romania at international standards.