What is SMP?

Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP) is one of the most advanced, non-invasive solutions and with guaranteed results for calving, any type of alopecia, and scalp scarring for both men and women. It is used and known all over the world, being considered the latest trend against hair loss.

What are the Reasons to Choose Micropigmentation?

Because it gives you the natural look of freshly shaved hair, which no
one will challenge to be otherwise, not even close people, according to statistics. It is an efficient solution without side effects or recovery periods. Through SMP you get the natural hairline restoration, permanent camouflage for all forms of alopecia, thinning hair, crownbaldness, incipient baldness or hair loss. The visual impact of scars and burns can be greatly reduced. The treatment brings you an increase in self-esteem and self-respect and gives you a youthful, easy-to-maintain and lasting look.

To achieve this treatment, a micro needle and pigments are used,
being especially created to replicate exactly the appearance of the hair follicle. Worldwide, of course this procedure is considered an art when the Practitioner is a person with extensive experience and authorized training received from companies specialized strictly in this field. The end result is a natural and personalized one, taking into account the physiognomy of every person wishing to take the treatment.

At Hair O’Dot we offer what is considered the best treatment available in the world today, using only natural pigments and cutting-edge equipment to achieve outstanding natural-looking results. Because the pigment used is non-acrylic and organic, it allows the body to heal faster and maintain color better..

Scalp Micropigmentation does not require continuous maintenance
and does not lead to a strict lifestyle or daily restrictions. The treatment replicates the look of a fresh, shaved scalp, like a one just out from the barber’s shop. Hair O’Dot allows you to fully personalize your treatment, with information regarding hairline design, style preferences, and end-to-end goals. Scalp Micropigmentation is sometimes referred to as a hair tattoo, tattoo on the head, tattoo on the scalp, and tattoo on bald, micropigmentation, scalp/baldness pigmentation or SMP.
Irrespective of the cause of hair loss, alopecia, age, stress, genetics, scars from surgery or accidents, scalp micropigmentation is the solution. Traditional solutions, hair transplants, camouflage powders or capillary wigs/prosthesis do not let you worry, are not permanent and require constant maintenance.
Our specialist has reached the highest international level in this field and knows that not all natural follicles grow in the same direction, thus she replicates the natural form of hair growth. Also, hair follicles do not have the same shades of black – so our specialist will use 3-4 shades for a most realistic result.



Even if baldness cannot be healed, it can be camouflaged by the micropigmention of the scalp.

A man’s head has an average of 200 hairs per square centimeter. Hair loss can be a dramatic moment, and premature aging in both men and women can affect confidence and spirit. SMP can recreate the whole aspect of the lost follicles.

To reach the number of natural follicles, scalp micropigmentation is normally performed during three sessions, with duration of 2-4 hours each session. This process brings help for correct healing and a subtle but impact change.

After treatment session ends, redness and inflammation disappear within 24-72 hours. After completion of the necessary sessions and after complete healing, the results will be closely related to the condition of the skin, the immune system and the follow-up of the post-treatment indications.