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Cookies Policy

We begin by telling you that our website will use cookies only after your explicit consent has been granted.

The Hairodot site uses cookies to help you get the most out of your online experience.

Cookies are small files saved on your device – laptop, tablet, phone during your visit to the website by its server. They are generated by uploading a web page or sending an online form and can not be used to run programs or run viruses on your computer.

It is good to know that they do not pose a threat to data privacy or online security because they can be accessed only by the website that generated them or by you, the user.

Their life can range from a few minutes to a few months (or until you delete them).

The role of cookies is to store some (limited) information between your different visits.

This website saves a cookie on your device when you agree to the terms and conditions of use of the website. Our primary purpose in using cookies is to offer you a way to save time, so when you return to the Hairodot website, the information you have provided us can be retrieved so you can easily use the features that you have customized.

Cookies will only be used to save simple data in the “name = value” format.

For the example above, the cookie saved by the website would be in the form of “terms = accept”.

So, on your next visit, since you’ve already accepted the terms, you will not see that info window by default.

Third-party cookies (Google Analytics) are used to analyze online traffic.

Most cookies have a reduced lifespan. This means that after a certain amount of time they are automatically deleted.

You have total control over them; you can accept or decline cookies.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies, but you can set your browser not to accept them at all, or you can delete cookies saved on your device if that’s your preference.

If you choose not to allow yourself the use of cookies, you should keep in mind that you may not be able to fully experience all the interactive features of the services and the Hairodot website when you visit it.